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Notion Real Estate Template

Optimize your business operations and get orgnaized with this all-in-one, collaborative Notion template






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Stop wasting time juggling tools

Real estate professionals handle a lot of information about properties, contacts, tasks, finances, and documents. However, this information is scattered across different platforms like spreadsheets, email, messaging apps, and physical files. This fragmentation makes it hard to have a centralized and organized system. Additionally, these tools are inflexible and don't adjust to your specific workflow or integrate with each other.

Get organized with Notion

The Real Estate Hub Notion Template is a comprehensive tool designed to help you manage tasks, properties, and finances efficiently.

With a customizable interface, this template streamlines workflow, enhances collaboration, and reduces the need for multiple tools.

Start collaborating with your team

To work efficiently with stakeholders, such as clients, tenants, contractors, and team members, you can use this Notion template as a collaborative tool. Notion allows you to add team members to your workspace, work together, and reduce communication time spent on emails or phone calls.

Template structure: this template has been built using Josh Redd's Perspectives Method, which enables super easy navigation within the template and makes adding new pages a child's play

All you need, nothing you don’t

Manage your properties

Manage all of your properties, keep track of every bit of information related to them, and have a place to store your future purchases. Includes four views: "All", "Per Status", "Per Localization", and "Wishlist".

Get your contacts organized

This is essentially a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system for tenants, contractors, utilities, and other contacts. Each contact can be associated with one or multiple properties.

Stay on top of your tasks

Linked to the Projects database, the Task Manager is your go-to place for any real estate-related actions. You can assign team members, see which tasks are late, and follow the progress. Includes multiple views: Kanban, Calendar, Per Owners, and Late Tasks.

Project management made easy

Linked to the Tasks database, the Projects database is the place where you keep track of all current, future, and past projects. For each project, you have access to the list of associated tasks (automatically done using self-referential filtering).

Keep an eye on your finances

Composed of four databases, the Finance page is your central hub for everything money-related. You can add your expenses and income on the go, and it will automatically calculate your monthly and yearly balance. There are buttons for recurring items such as rents, loans, and subscriptions.

Track your investments over time

For each of your properties, you can calculate your investment returns. It's linked to your expenses and income databases, but you can also manually add amounts if necessary. You'll see your total balance for each property: how much you made on each of them or how much still needs to come in for you to be profitable.

Store your documents

Store all of your important documents, such as buyer's agent agreements, purchase agreements, addenda amendments and riders, seller disclosures, home inspection reports, closing disclosures, title insurance policies, property deeds, and more!

Calculate your tax rates

This database contains all tax rates per US state. You can add your own rates if you don't live in the US. It's basically a simulator of estimated property tax that you can use to make your calculations.

Manage your resources

Store all of your real estate-related resources in this well-designed database. Resources can include anything you want, but the main ones are books, articles, videos, documentaries, movies, templates, etc. You can also automate the process using Notion's Web Clipper.

Notion Real Estate Template
What is Notion?

Notion is a productivity and organizational tool that allows users to create a variety of content, including notes, databases, and project management tools. Notion can be used to collaborate with others, organize personal tasks, and manage work projects.

You can create an account for free here.

What is a Notion template?

A Notion template is a set of building blocks that can be duplicated into your own Notion workspace. It's a great way to start working directly, and it saves you a lot of time.

Does this work with a free account?

Yes. Notion has a free plan which gives you all the necessary tools, and this template works perfectly with a free account.

How will I receive the template?

After purchase, you'll receive a link to a Notion page. Then, hit the "duplicate" button at the top-right of the page.

Do you have an affiliate program?

Yes! Affiliates benefit from a 20% commission on all sales. You can apply here.

How can I contact you?

Shoot me an email at

I'm always happy to chat & help!

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