Notion Certified Consultant | Automations Expert.

I build customized systems to facilitate operating excellence, knowledge & project management within your business.

Become the OPS master

Let's build efficient, everlasting systems.

Streamline your processes

We link & sync all your databases together (like a giant 🕷️ web).

Knowledge Management

We make information so easily accessible that even Google is kinda jealous.

Sync your teams

We create digital spaces for teams to prep, plan, review & ship their best work.

Tasks & Project Management

We make managing tasks a child's play, managing projects a teenager's play.

Operational Procedures

We make sure that when John goes to Costa Rica, Katia knows exactly how to manage his work.


We love Wikipedia. We love it so much that we use its structure on all our clients workspaces.


We build systems that allow your HR team to recruit, onboard & manage all of the employees.

Content Management

We supercharge your marketing workflows to let you create awesome content.

Private/Public Websites

We build simple, minimalist, easy to manage, internal and external websites.

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Async / Sync

We believe in asynchronous communication, using tools like Loom, Slack & Notion. Tell us what you prefer!