3-2-1: Notion merch, Marie Poulin’s daily flow, & Notion Wiki

Hey — it's Rames

I'm spending my last week in France and heading to Paris in a few days to meet up with some friends. After that, we'll be hitting the road again, this time traveling south. Our plan is to drive 2,200 kilometers from Sauternes to Taghazout, crossing through France, Spain, and Morocco. All we have is a car and a calling for travel and exploration.

By the way, today’s issue is packed with five awesome resources. I skipped the starter and went all-in on the main course. Enjoy!

5 Resources

1/ Notion Merch: Wallpapers, Clothing & More

With a staggering 40 million users (as of August 2023), Notion has become the ultimate productivity tool worldwide. But what's even more impressive than their user count is the brand they've built. Notion is more than just a tool - it's a lifestyle. And what better way to show your love for all things Notion than with their amazing collection of merch? From stylish T-shirts and mugs to stunning wallpapers, this curated list has got everything you need to take your Notion obsession to the next level. So, ready to join the ranks of the ultimate Notioneers? Let's shop!”

Last week I wrote a short blog post with a few links to some awesome Notion merch. You’ll find:

  • Clothing
  • Mugs
  • Stickers
  • Avatars
  • Phone, Laptop & iPad backgrounds
Read here

2/ Notion’s Video Release Note

Notion 2.32 is out, and with it, the Notion team has released their first-ever video note. It's a fun way to learn about their new features and also get a glimpse of what their offices look like.


  • More options when sharing a page
  • Connect tasks to Google Drive and Figma files
  • Task dependencies that automatically shift
  • Save your AI prompts
  • Recently visited pages now load 10% faster on iOS
  • New integrations and integration gallery
  • Sharing a Notion page with your Slack contacts
Access release note

3/ Marie Poulin’s Daily Flow

I really like Marie Poulin's approach to working with Notion. Last week, she shared her daily workflow when it comes to using Notion.

  1. She has a "Start" page which is the first page she visits every day. It helps her follow her morning routine, review her principles, and set her intention for the day. More on that in this video.
  2. Then, she accesses her "Today" page, which contains everything necessary to work on during the day. It includes linked views to her Tasks, Content, Notes, and Library databases.
  3. Finally, at the end of the day, she visits her "Daily Meeze" page, which acts as a shutdown ritual. For those familiar with Cal Newport's work, you'll know what she means. For those who aren't, check out this resource. More on video here.

4/ Notion Wiki Feature

Why does William Nutt think that the Notion wiki feature has been overlooked? Well, here's a quick summary of his video:

Notion Wikis combine the flexibility of freeform pages with the structure of databases. One view acts as a standard page, while other views display only the child pages that occur within the page, as in a database. Wikis can have layouts and filtering, sorting, and grouping rules, among other database settings, and linked views can be created just as with standard databases. Wikis contain two special properties: Owner, which is populated by default with the user who creates the Wiki, and Verification, which helps teams keep content current.

When you convert a full-page database to a Wiki, the database becomes an item of the Wiki, which is useful for managing master and secondary databases.

Watch the video

5/ MeetGeek

Here’s my sales pitch sales pitch for my new (and only) AI friend 🤘

Introducing MeetGeek - your personal AI secretary for all your online meetings! With seamless integration with Google Meet, Zoom, and Teams, MeetGeek records the entire meeting and generates a transcript, video, summary, and highlights. And the best part? It integrates perfectly with Notion, so you can retrieve all your meeting details and share them with attendees directly from your Notion database. Say goodbye to taking notes during meetings and hello to a more productive workflow with MeetGeek!

I’ve been loving using it, it’s saves me so much time & allows me to be fully focused on the meeting instead of the note-taking process.

Try MeetGeek

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