3-2-1: Notion Heat Map, Timeline from two separate dates & Notion Q&A

Hey — it's Rames

I caught a cold last week. I went surfing, then went to the local market to buy some veggies, my wetsuit still… wet.

I'll still do it again though. Wanna know why? Because I CAUGHT THE BIGGEST WAVE OF MY LIFE! And I loved every second of it.

Rames Quinerie on a wave

3 Tips

1/ Timeline from two separate dates

Notion Timeline from two separate dates

One of my current client has a huge database with two separate date properties: “Contract Start Date” and “Contract End Date”. They told me they needed a timeline view, so I started looking for a formula that could merge these two dates into one timeframe.

Instead, I discovered something I didn’t know: you can create a timeline from two separate date properties! There’s no magic, it was hidden in plain sight.

Database settings → Layout → Separate start and end dates

2/ Embed Tally in Notion

Tally embed in Notion

I already mentioned Tally in this newsletter. But if you're new here, let me tell you about them. Tally is a no-code form builder that looks and feels like Notion. The interface is very similar; you type "/" to add "blocks," and it always looks great.

But the thing I prefer above all is that you can embed a Tally form in your Notion page, and it looks almost as if it were native to Notion. There are many use cases, such as:

  • embedding an application form on your careers page website (as in my Startup Job Board template)
  • embedding a 'leave request' form in your company workspace
  • embedding a 'submit your ticket' form on your Notion-powered website

And the beauty of it is that you can map Tally fields to any of your database properties. For example, when a new form is submitted, you automatically retrieve the answers in your Notion database (no extra automation needed).

Try Tally

3/ Notion Q&A

Notion Q&A announcement

Notion Q&A is nearly live! To quote Frances, who received an early invitation:

Soon you’ll be able to ask your system context questions about your processes/stored information - truly turning it into a ‘second brain’

Eagerly waiting for this new AI feature, which has the potential to turn Notion into the ultimate wiki tool, especially for teams.

Frances Post

2 Resources

1/ Notion Heat Map

Notion Heat Map
Source: aNerdyNotioneer on Twitter

Two weeks ago, aNerdyNotioneer hyped all of us by sharing his 'Heat map' system using Formulas 2.0. It's an amazing way to visualize progress and patterns.

You can now download this heat map system for free on Gumroad.

Download Heat Map

2/ Notioly September

Notioly September Illustrations
Source: Mary Amato on twitter

Mary Amato continues to deliver 🔥 Notion illustrations. Her September work is available, and it’s stunning.

Plus, her pricing is incredible! You can get this month's illustrations, as well as all the previous ones she has ever made (300+), and all future ones, for a one-time payment of just $39.

Get Notioly

1 Tweek: Tweet of the Week

iTunes vibz 😎

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