3-2-1: Back To School, AI Translation, Creators Weekly

Hey — it's Rames

It has been nearly a month since we arrived in Morocco, and we’re loving it. This weekend, we visited Imsouane, a remote fishing village located between Essaouira and Agadir. Here, you can find one of Africa's longest waves 🌊

Just imagine catching a wave and riding it for, not seconds, but MINUTES — this spot is fabulous. Morocco has so much to offer, I’m already in love with this place.

Photo credit: Explore Agadir Soussa Massa

3 Tips

1/ Clear dates on Timeline view

Notion clear dates on Timeline view gif

Here's a cool little feature that Notion released last week: clear dates on the timeline view.

  • Before: you had to access each page and edit the date property.
  • Now: select all the desired items and click "Clear date".

Small feature, big UX improvement.

2/ AI Translation property

Notion AI Translation property

You can now translate any property to your desired language using the AI translation property.

Setting it up is simple:

  1. Add a new property and choose "AI translation" as the type.
  2. Select the properties you want to translate.
  3. Choose the output language.

For more information on AI properties, please visit my blog post here.

3/ Notion’s School Survival Guide

Notion teamed up with their Campus Leaders "to collect and share their wisdom on four different topics spanning the student experience".

In this great resource for students, you'll find:

  • 25 articles on topics such as studying, note-taking, internships & careers, etc.
  • 50+ tips from Campus Leaders
  • 15 templates
  • Additional resources (including the education discount)

Access here

2 Resources

1/ Notion Creators Weekly

NotionCoach - Dave's headshot

As I live and breathe Notion everyday, there’s no much room for other newsletters in my content diet. But one that I really enjoyed reading lately is Notion Creators Weekly. Dave (or NotionCoach) is an amazing Notion consultant and has great tips on how to better use Notion, but he also shares how he thinks about workflows & systems in a more high-level way.

Read it here

PS: Dave is currently launching his Notion Consultant Bootcamp! So if you’re interested in learning to become a Notion Consultant, you can have a look here.

2/ Freelancer Dashboard Debunked 2/4

Notion Automated Freelancer Dashboard Debunked

As promised, part 2 of my Freelancer Dashboard Debunked series is ready for you this week. When part 1 was more about project, task & client management, this part 2 focuses on your business sales & finances.

You’ll learn:

  • How to track your finance in Notion
  • How to create customizable invoices & proposals
  • How to send these Notion pages to your clients

Read it here

1 Tweek: Tweet of the Week

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