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3-2-1: Save Notes to Notion, Build your Notion Website & GIPHY

Hey — it's Rames

One of my best friend arrived in Mauritius last week & is staying for 3 weeks. He’s working at Tesla & was telling me about the super expensive tools they use for Customer Relationship Management.

Guess what?

I built the exact same system for a car dealer in Reunion Island, using only Notion & Make for automations. (For a 10th of the price.) So I think we can safely assume that: Notion > Tesla.

Take that, Elon.

3 Tips

1/ Voice Note to Notion

TF Voice Note Workflow.webp
Source: Thomas Frank's Website

There is one thing I hate about Notion: taking notes from my phone. There are two reasons for this:

  1. I have a crappy $20 phone.
  2. I am not convinced of the effectiveness of the Notion mobile apps.

However, my crappy $20 phone has a voice recorder app and cloud storage. Thanks to Thomas Frank's tutorial, I am now able to take notes from my phone and transfer them to Notion. This saves me the frustration of typing on my phone's keyboard and waiting for Notion to load.

The process is also very affordable. In Thomas's own words, "You'll pay roughly $0.10 per 15 minutes of audio, or $0.40 per hour."

If you're interested in replicating this process, check out his (really great) tutorial on his website.

Voice Note to Notion

2/ Per-view Slack Notifications

A few weeks ago, I introduced the native Slack notifications feature on Notion databases. This feature allows Slack notifications to be triggered when a property changes. Now, you can set up distinct automations on different views of the same database, which makes the entire process even easier and more precise.

3/ GIFs in seconds

If you are a fan of GIFs, you’ll love this new feature in Notion. Add a new /image block to your Notion and let me know what you see.



2 Resources

1/ Chief Notion Officer

“By the end of her first week, Courteney was managing the company's entire Notion workspace. "I've always had the ideas, but never the tech skills," she says. "At the museum, I had to rely on the IT manager. With Notion, I could just drag and drop." And the company loved what she built. "The more we used it, the easier it was to get all the teams in sync.””

If you excel at building things in Notion, there may be a job for you. Chief Notion Officer roles are increasingly appearing worldwide, and it might be the job you've been waiting for your entire life. I see it as a combination of ops and knowledge management.

So if your company is already using Notion, it may be the right time to ask about opening up this new role 😉

Full Article

2/ Notion Website: Build Yours in Seconds


A few weeks ago, I wrote a blog post outlining the process for building a Notion-powered website. So far, I've built over 10 of them for personal and professional use. The post covers how to prepare your Notion interface, design best practices, how to publish it, and offers 3 free templates.

If you've been waiting to build your own website using Notion, now is the time to get started!

Check out the article

1 Tweek: Tweet of the Week

Thanks for tuning in 👊

Let me know if you’re lovin that dope Lotion!

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