3-2-1: Relations & rollups, Weekly calendar view & In-page navigation bar

Hey — It's Rames

Notion was big in the news last week. Many things happened, especially their full Notion AI rollout (more information below).

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3 tips

1/ Relations & rollups: a simple example

Let’s say you have two databases: one for the products you sell online, and another for your sales CRM. You want to know the total price a customer pays - how do you do it?

You make a connection between these two databases.

The first thing you should do is add a two-way relation between these 2 databases (new property → relation). Then you want to create a rollup that will take the prices of the selected products from the Product database and put them into the sales CRM. Finally, you create a formula that adds this product price to the shipping cost, which depends on the customer's address. It's that simple!

Now you can see what products each customer bought and know how much each order costs them 😎

Pro tip: for your shipping costs, create a select property for the customer’s country. You then create a formula that says something like: if(prop(”Country”)==”UK”, 29, (if(prop(”Country”)==”US”, 19, (if(prop(”Country”)==”Germany”, 25,39))) with the numbers being the shipping costs. This will enable the shipping costs to be updated automatically depending on the customer’s country.

2/ Build an in-page navigation bar

There’s a super easy way to build a nice-looking in-page navigation bar - but before showing how, let me show you how it looks like on my Ultimate Freelancer Dashboard.

In-page navbar

Now how do you build something like that? Super easy.

  1. Put all your pages in a nice-looking callout
  2. Create a synced block, drag & drop your callout inside this synced block & click the “copy & sync” button
  3. Create a new column to the left in each of your pages (use shortcut /2c)
  4. Paste the synced block link at the top of this left column

& that’s it! I told ya, super easy.

3/ Weekly calendar view

Notion just rolled out a new feature: weekly views on calendars! This is the kind of little thing that makes me love Notion even more.

Source: Notion on Twitter

To access the feature:

  • Click •• in the top right of your database, then Layout
  • Click Show calendar as and then select Week

2 Resources

1/ Popsy Outreach

Popsy was initially a web builder that used Notion as your CMS. They have now changed the way they operate & it’s now a web builder that uses a Notion-like interface. If you never checked it out, I highly encourage you to have a look here (affiliate).

They just announced a new product: Popsy Outreach. It’s a super useful tool that allows you to send mass emails to contacts from a Notion database. You can personalize the email with data from your Notion table (using any column) & (my favorite) automate follow-ups.

So if you’re using a Notion databaseto store emails, this is a great tool that will simplify your workflows.

Popsy Outreach

2/ Notion AI is now available to everyone

If you logged into Notion the past week - you should have seen this pop-up.

Source: @HelmiHasan_com

A few important things to note here:

  • It is free for 20 uses, then it’s $10/month (or $8/month if billed annually)
  • They also released a mobile version (click the ✨ icon to summon AI)

What are your thoughts on the pricing?
It seemed expensive at first, but then I recalled that Notion is already a free tool for personal use & I’m convinced that prices will drop in the future with the decrease of prices of AI requests.

That's it for this week's edition! Hope ya'll gonna have fun with Notion AI & try to build that classy in-page navigation bar 🤖

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