3-2-1: Reflection Time Template, Notion Updates, & Template Translate

Hey — it's Rames

I have awesome news for you: we're in the middle of summer, and the Notion team keeps delivering crazy updates to their product. Sometimes I want to tell them: "Hey guys, take some holidays! Your product is already the best; you can rest for a bit now." Honestly, I'm amazed at how much Notion has improved. As one of the early users, I would have loved to have a sneak peek into what it's like today five years ago.

3 Tips

1/ Reflection time template

A few days ago, Dave shared his Notion template for end-of-month reflection time. Here’s what it looks like:

It struck me that it looks a lot like my own one. I guess that's normal since we're both Notion consultants 😉

So what are the common themes here and how can you build your own?

  1. First of all, we both use a "Months" database. This is where you check in at the end of each month.
  2. We also have a few "personal" databases, which are linked to this "Month" database using a relation property. This allows for quick access to everything related to that month.
  3. If you're tracking habits, workouts, or anything else, you can use rollups to automatically calculate the percentage of habits completed. This is a great way to measure progress towards your goals.

One difference between Dave's template and mine is how we show related items. He uses the "Show as property" option, while I prefer the "Show as page section" option. But ultimately, it's up to you 🤙

2/ Button update

Notion has released a small update that includes game-changing automation. With the recent update, the template button (now just a "button") allows you to:

  • Add blocks above or below the button
  • Add pages to a specific database
  • Modify page properties from a specific database
  • Show confirmation text
  • Open a specific page

Thanks to last week's update, you can now select which database template to use when adding pages to a specific database. This was a much-needed addition to the new buttons and it's great that it's available today.

3/ Status property update

Last week, the Notion team released a tiny, yet super useful feature. As you may recall, the Status property can be displayed either as a select or checkbox. However, a pain point of this feature was that there was no easy way to get the "In progress" status in the checkbox form. You had to edit the property, revert it to select, and update your status, which was quite tedious.

Fortunately, the Notion team has addressed this issue. You can now open the status choices with Alt/⌥ + click on the property.

2 Resources

1/ How to get live crypto prices in Notion

If you’re a crypto enthusiast, you're going to love the following. Last week, I wrote a blog post that outlines exactly how you can retrieve live crypto prices into Notion. You can set up this automation using the Make automation app and a crypto API called CoinAPI. The blog post provides detailed instructions and complements my Crypto & NFT Tracker Notion template.

Read here

2/ Template Translate

A few weeks ago, I introduced you to an awesome maker named aNotioneer (or Alexis), who builds incredible stuff on top of Notion. He continues to impress, as he has just shipped a new product that all template makers will love: Template Translate. Essentially, by connecting your Notion template to Template Translate, it automatically translates the title, properties, and dropdown options into the language of your choice (133 languages supported at the moment). For page content, you can still use Notion AI to translate it for you :)

Template Translate

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