3-2-1: Notion’s Growth, Sprint in beta, & Bulleted-list format

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3 Tips

1/ Bulleted list style

Notion has just released a minor update that allows you to change the style of your bulleted list. You can now choose between disc (the original), circle (an extruded disc), or square. To set this up, simply click on the six dots to the right of the bulleted list to access the settings, then click on "List format" at the bottom.

Bulleted list format switch GIF.gif

2/ Automatically add a property

Did you know that you can automatically add a specific property to a database without having to build an automation? Let's consider a Tasks database with a “Type” select property that can be "internal" or "external". By creating two views of this database, one with a filter that has type == internal and the other with a filter that has type == external, database entries that are created in these views will be automatically assigned the corresponding type that filters the database view.

This is an awesome time-saving feature!

Automatic property via filters.gif

3/ Pre-configured sprint workflows

Notion sprints.png

Remember the Sprint feature that was only available within Notion projects? Well, the beta version is now available on any workspace, even if you’re not using Notion projects. This is a game changer for teams that already have their project/task management systems and don't want to switch to Notion projects, but still need the Sprint feature.

To add it to your existing setup:

  1. Click “Add a new page”
  2. Select “Templates”
  3. At the top-left, select the “Projects, tasks & Sprints” template.


2 Resources

1/ High-resolution Notion covers

High-res notion cover.png

Milo | Notion4Teachers wrote a great short thread about making and optimizing Notion covers. You’ll learn which size is optimal & how to compress your covers so that it goes under the 5MB size-limit for free Notion accounts.

Read the thread

2/ How Branch uses Notion

Branch PNG.png

Branch uses Notion for a variety of purposes including creating a single roadmap for all engineering teams, creating customizable views of their existing roadmap, creating blueprints that engineers reference as they build, and making documentation fun to write. The engineering team shares one unified roadmap so all teams have visibility and can track toward the same goals. They also create custom views of their existing roadmap in Notion, each filtered by properties like sub-team, sprint, milestone and more. In Notion, the team writes and maintains all product documentation so that anyone can search the exact information they need for a project. Instead of a stale, read-only experience, Notion helps everyone contribute to the company's documentation and keep it up to date.

Access blog post

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