3-2-1: Notion vs Coda, Tools & Notion Avatars

Hey — it's Rames

This week-end felt like holidays. Went to Essaouira to visit the medina, hammam & massage, & learned to cook a Tagine with a Moroccan family. Then joined some friends in Imsouane, surfed in the morning, lunched some grilled fish at the port, surfed again, and celebrated a birthday.

Now it’s Monday. I feel a bit lazy. For today’s newsletter, I skipped the tips, but added more resources to supercharge your Notion setup.

5 (awesome) Resources

1/ How to share a Notion page

How to share a Notion page

If you have ever wondered how to share a Notion page, this post is for you. It's a short tutorial that explains the difference between sharing a page internally and sharing a page externally (as a public website).

Short but helpful.

Read it here

2/ Finta

Finta.io - Finance Tracking app in Notion

If you like to track your finances in Notion, you're going to love Finta. They connect to your bank accounts and let you sync your balances, transactions, and investments in Notion (but also Airtable, Coda, and Google Sheets). Finta also comes with a pre-built set of databases, making your life easier.

Try Finta

3/ Coda vs Notion formulas

Notion vs Coda

With its recent update, Notion gets a bit closer to Coda in terms of formulas. @TheCodaGuy wrote a nice post about the key differences between both tools when it comes to formulas. Although it definitely favors Coda, it's an interesting read for all of you formula geeks 🤓

Read here

4/ Lexy

Lexy.so Notion-powered chatbot

Lexy is an AI-powered chatbot that integrates with your Notion and learns from the information in your pages. It allows you to provide instant, human-like answers to your customer's questions on your website. With Lexy, you can set up your AI support in a few minutes by linking your Notion account and selecting the pages to train your chatbot on.

Try Lexy

5/ Notion Avatars

Eloise Visser Notion Avatars

Eloise is a talented artist who creates hand-drawn Notion avatars. I have already featured her work in this newsletter, but she now has a new website, so I wanted to share the news again.

If you are in need of a custom Notion-style avatar that looks great, I encourage you to visit her website. I'm confident you'll find the perfect profile picture there.

Get your avatar

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