👽 3-2-1: Notion for extraterrestrials, Numbers Update & Notioly

Hey — It’s Rames

Hope ya’ll add an epic April Fool’s day! Notion used the occasion to launch their new product: Notion for extraterrestrials.

Whether you’re a CEO (Chief Extraterrestrial Officer), an alien superstar, or simply a citizen on a remote planet – Notion’s here for you.”

More on that below 👽

3 Tips

1/ Numbers update?

Notion has just released a new update for their Numbers property. You can now change the following:

  • decimals
  • affixes
  • thousands separator

​Wait…… I'm checking....
Nop, that was just another April Fool’s joke 😢

But don’t worry, I’ve got you covered! You can use these formulas to get the exact same results.

Decimals: the “Slice” formula


Formula: toNumber(slice(format(prop("Number")),0,4))

Affixes: add whatever you need


Formula: "£" + format(prop("Number")) + "/mo"

Thousands separator: “Edit property” → “Number format” → “Number with commas”


2/ Embeds update

That one’s real! Embedding has been supercharged with support for over 2000 apps, including Instagram. It’s incredibly easy to use: simply copy the link you want to embed and paste it into your Notion page.

This feature is a game changer for Notion-powered websites!

3/ Charts in Notion

Source: [@aNotioneer on Twitter](https://twitter.com/aNotioneer/status/1639958486158041088)
Source: @aNotioneer on Twitter

There are many third-party tools that allow you to build charts out of Notion databases and embed them in a Notion page. Although these tools often have free plans, you’ll need to pay for a subscription to make the most of them.

However, aNotioneer has built a tool that enables you to do the same thing for free! Simply connect your database, build your chart, and embed it into Notion.

Watch the tutorial

2 Resources

1/ Notioly — Beautiful Notion-style illustrations

Source: [Notioly](https://notioly.com/)
Source: Notioly

If you’re looking for illustrations for Notion, whether it’s for your website, a product you’re building, or for personal use, I found an excellent resource for you. Mary Amato is an awesome illustrator, and she has a collection of 200+ illustrations on her website. They are beautiful, minimalistic, and really embody the Notion culture.

Visit Notioly

More illustrations:

Source: Mary Amato on Twitter
Source: Mary Amato on Twitter

2/ How Notion launches brand campaigns

If you live in a big city, there’s a good chance you saw Notion everywhere last year. When I returned to Paris last summer, I was amazed to see their ads on the subway and buses. Drew Evans, the marketing lead at Notion, wrote a short piece explaining how they launched these brand campaigns and provided a template that you can use for your own company. It’s an interesting read, and the template makes it easier for you to launch your own campaign.

Source: ​bluebed.net/Notion

Read the article

1 Tweek: Tweet of the Week​

I appreciate the effort that the Notion team put into their April Fool’s joke. Such things contribute to building a great company with an awesome culture.

That’s it for today — hope you enjoyed this unusual edition! 🐬

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