3-2-1: Notion Challenge, Freelancer Dashboard, Dynamic Dates & Mentions

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This morning, I showered with my new phone and forgot it wasn't waterproof. I don't have the eyes in front of the eyeholes, tired from this weekend's amazing surf sessions in Imsouane & Tamraght.

Nevertheless, I'm here. Delivering the best Notion gems from the internet to you every week.

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3 Tips

1/ Dynamic dates & mentions in templates

Notion dynamic dates & mentions

Notion just released a small feature that eliminates a little workaround @bensomething had discovered a few years ago. Well, I suppose it will be properly implemented now, but I really enjoyed using this workaround.

Now you can automatically add today's (or now's) date in date properties in database templates! They also expanded the feature to the person property: whoever uses the template becomes the owner in the person property.

There isn't much to do except select the blue "Today", "Now", or "Person who duplicated page" options.

2/ All rollups with formulas

Did Formulas 2.0 kill the rollup property? Well, rollups are still useful for quickly retrieving any information from a related database, but one thing is certain: you can now replace any rollup type with a formula.

aNotioneer wrote a post where he goes through all rollup types and recreates them with the new formulas.

See post

3/ Formula challenge (win a premium template)

Notion habit streaks challenge

Now that you've had some time to experiment with Formulas 2.0, I have a challenge for you.

One of you asked me how he could retrieve streaks from checkbox properties using formulas, and I have no idea how. The example he submitted is the following:

I need to walk my dog every day, and I track this habit with checkboxes. If I checked the box 10 days in a row, the formula would calculate 10, but then if on the 11th day I didn't, it would reset to 0 and start counting again.

So if you manage to find an answer to this problem before next week's newsletter, I'll give you the template of your choice, for free 🎁

Good luck!

Access the challenge

2 Resources

1/ Freelancer Dashboard Debunked

Notion freelancer template cover

The most purchased template since I started creating them is my Freelancer Dashboard. I recently updated it to make it work better, look nicer, and include the latest Notion features such as database automations.

For those of you who can't afford this type of expense, I wrote 4 blog posts that go through the main features & databases of the template. If you're willing to put in the time, you'll be able to recreate a version of my template for free.

In this first post, I go through the project management, task management, and client management systems. You'll learn how to build a task manager, track projects, build a CRM, and store your meeting notes. And the beauty of it is that it works not only for freelancers but also for anyone managing projects at an individual level.

Read it here

2/ Formula 2.0: aNotioneer Examples

aNotioneer Youtube thumbnail on Formulas 2.0

Still from aNotioneer, one of my favorite Notion gurus, is a video that covers everything you need to know about Formulas 2.0. Here’s the agenda (use the timestamps for each section to easily access to the desired topic):

v2 Basics

  • 01:03 | Comparing v1 and v2 formulas
  • 02:25 | Using variables
  • 04:35 | Multi-line formulas
  • 06:00 | Adding comments
  • 07:15 | Using the IFS function

Formulas as rollups

  • 08:09 | Comparing rollups and formula rollups
  • 10:23 | Creating a COUNT formula rollup
  • 12:40 | Creating labels for gallery views
  • 14:16 | Formatting formula content
  • 16:28 | Creating filtered rollups
  • 17:55 | Working with dates

Watch the full video

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