3-2-1: Notion AI for Students, Embed Whimsical into Notion, & Tmetric x Notion

Hey — it's Rames

Last two weeks have been busy. Visiting Lisbon was awesome — I really loved the vibe of that city, and I was missing the cozy coffee shops everywhere. Then some friends came to visit us in Tamraght. We went surfing a lot and camped in the desert with some scorpions.

Love that busyness.

5 (awesome) resources

1/ Notion Office in 2019 (video)

2/ New Notion marketplaces

I'm always happy to see more actors building on top of Notion. So I just wanted to highlight two (quite) new Notion templates marketplaces.

Congratulations to all of them for bringing these beautiful marketplaces to the world 👐

3/ Notion AI for Students

4/ Tmetric to Notion Integration

If you're looking for a great time tracker software that integrates with Notion, you might want to give Tmetric a try. Some of its features include:

  • project management
  • project budgeting
  • billing and invoicing
  • accurate payroll
  • detailed reports

Try Tmetric

PS: the Notion integration allows you to track the time spent on each of your tasks using an extension.

5/ Embed Whimsical into Notion

1 Tweek: Tweet of the Week

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