3-2-1: ID property, Notion to Newsletters & AskMemoAI

Hey — it's Rames

I’ve been watching horror movies all week, and while I’m not really a fan of the genre, I must admit that they are freaking good at scaring the shit out of you. We’ve been on an Annabelle & Conjuring marathon but looking for more inspiration. So I’ll be offering my Blog Post Planner template for free to the first person answering this email with a decent horror movie suggestion 👻

3 Tips

1/ ID property!

If you had asked me what the next property shipped by Notion would be, I would have confidently said it would be a "Location" property for addresses, countries, and so on. However, it turns out that I was completely wrong!

Last week, the Notion team released a new property: IDs! This makes sense for a databases-powered software. IDs can be used to reference database items more efficiently. For example, let's consider a simple business use-case: invoices. You can add an ID property to your database with the prefix you usually use for your invoices. In my case, it's "RQ" (for Rames Quinerie). This is what it could look like:


Note that the "ID" property is grayed out and cannot be modified. Like the "Last edited time" or "Created by" properties, it is auto-generated by Notion.

To access the ID property, click the + button to add a new property and go to the very end of the list.


2/ Columns in Notion + Vertical Divider

Notion Columns [Cover].png

Last week, I published a new article that explains how to create columns in Notion, and provides different use cases and examples. The article also covers how to create a vertical divider. It's a quick read that will give you all the information you need to know about using columns in Notion.

Read here

3/ AskMemoAI

3. AskMemoAI demo.gif
Source: Matthias Frank on Twitter

AskMemoAI is an AI-powered web extension that will supercharge your Notion experience. In Matthias Frank’s (the cofounder) own words, it will:

  • Ask any notion related question and get an answer based on the official notion help docs (so chatgpt, but it knows Notion)
  • Get yourself a Formula with the correct Notion syntax (works like 80% of the time - we need to do some more finetuning here)
  • In the web version, you can also create databases directly in your workspaces by simply describing the properties

Download the extension

2 Resources

1/ How teachers can use Notion

4. Notion for teachers PNG.png
Source: Notion Website

Last year, Zoe Ludwig wrote an interesting article about how teachers can use Notion to up their education game. She also provides a free template that you can use if you don’t want to build everything from scratch.

Here’s a brief summary of the article:

Notion can be a useful tool for teachers to manage lesson plans, student information, curriculum development, and class websites. Its flexibility allows for customization and adaptation to students' needs, reducing management overhead and streamlining organization. Plus, for all of you teachers, Notion offers discounts on their Plus Plans.

So, what are you waiting for?

Notion for teachers

2/ Notocat

5. Notocat PNG.png

Notocat is a web app that allows you to manage and write all your newsletters with Notion. You can write your newsletter directly from a Notion page, and it will translate Notion's design into beautiful emails. It's free to use for up to 1000 contacts, so I highly encourage you to give it a try 🚀

Check it out

1 Tweek: Tweet of the Week

That’s a wrap!
Let me know what you think about this new ID property 👀

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