3-2-1: Gantt Charts in Notion, Instant Notion & AI properties

Hey — it's Rames

Last week has been a heck of a trip: from Brittany's bustling weather to work, activities, and partying with friends... I have less of that Notion juice in stock, so today's issue will be on a keto diet: fewer calories but high-fat content.

3 (awesome) Resources

1/ Gantt Charts in Notion

Before Notion released the Timeline view, Gantt Charts were a widely requested feature. Setting up a Gantt Chart in Notion is now child's play, but there are a few things to understand beforehand. To help with this, I wrote a blog post outlining how to use it, its different features, and how to make the most out of it.

Anyone interested in project and task management in Notion would find this a great read.

Gantt Charts in Notion

2/ Instant Notion

Instant Notion is an app developed by the wonderful @michal_creates that enables you to quickly save tagged notes to Notion. If you're using Notion on your phone, you may find it frustrating to save notes quickly due to the time it takes for Notion to load and find the correct page.

Instant Notion also works offline (when Notion doesn't).

It's a great app to supercharge your Notion experience, so give it a try! (iOS only, Android version coming soon)

Download the app

3/ AI Properties Tutorial

Notion recently released its new AI properties, which are awesome! These properties allow you to summarize other properties, format key information, add context, and even crawl the web to extend existing content. The possibilities are endless, and best of all, the AI plan is not required to access them.

I previously covered these new properties in a newsletter, but this post gives a more detailed overview, including several use cases.

Check it out!

AI properties in Notion

1 Tweek: Tweet of the Week

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