3-2-1: Design tips, Notion Academy, & Notion AI updates

Hey — It's Rames

For 2023's first edition of #ana-logic, I'm changing the format. I've been inspired by Harry from Marketing Examples, and I decided to steal his 3-2-1 signature.

From now on, every Tuesday I'll be sharing:

  • 3 tips, how to, examples
  • 2 (awesome) resources
  • 1 tweek — tweet of the week

...all Notion-related, of course.

Let's start with this first edition!

3 tips

1/ Callouts as sections

If you're looking for a nice & quick way to create sections in your Notion dashboard/template, one thing you can try is using callouts instead of dividers. It works also well with databases.

Here's an example I recently made for a client who wanted clear distinctions between marketing, creative & ads team within a template:

Databases in color-coded callouts
Databases in callouts

2/ Up your headings style

Another quick thing you can do to enhance your page design is to convert all your headings to code. I used it everywhere on my Ultimate Freelancer Template, I loove the look it gives.

Homepage for the Ultimate Freelancer Dashboard
Homepage of the Ultimate Freelancer Dashboard

All you have to do is to select your heading, then click the <> "Mark as code" button. You can even change the background color if you don't like the default gray one.

3/ Instant switch between dark & light mode

Several users, including me, have recently experienced random switches from dark to light mode. Going to the settings every time you want to switch back is awful, but thankfully, there's a keyboard shortcut:

ctrl/cmd + shift + L

2 resources

1/ Notion Academy

Big news in the ecosystem: Notion just released it's first-ever series of lessons. The good news, it's free. So if you're interested in learning how Notion works, what are the best practices, and see examples of case studies, go ahead!

Notion Academy homepage
Notion Academy homepage

They currently have 8 sections (of approx. 10 lessons each), including:

  • 101: Introduction
  • Scaling your team
  • Key setups for startup teams
  • Build a wiki that scales
  • Organize information with databases
  • Notion for people ops
  • Notion for product and engineering teams
  • Notion for personal use

Check it out!

2/ Notion AI Updates

Notion also announced some updates on its AI:

  • You can launch Notion AI by using the spacebar
  • You can now follow-up on the output
  • They unlocked even more peeps from the waitlist - 1M users now have access to the AI!

1 Tweek — Tweet of the Week

Hope you enjoyed this new version of #ana-logic! I'll be curating even more gems, so stay tuned 😎

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