3-2-1: AI properties, Automated Job Board & Notionapps

Hey — it's Rames

I just returned to my hometown of Sauternes in France after a 30-hour marathon of travel. We journeyed from Mauritius to Nairobi to Paris to Pornic (for a friend's wedding) to Nantes to Bordeaux and finally to Sauternes. I am exhausted but happy to be back. I plan to keep delivering those Notion gems throughout the summer, so stay tuned!

3 Tips

Notion has just released a major update: AI properties! It's great to see AI integrated into Notion databases. Today's Tips section will fully focus on these three new AI properties.

1/ AI Summary

AI Summary is a database feature that generates a summary of all database items based on their other properties. For instance, here's an example I created using the top three male players from Roland-Garros:


To add this property, follow the same steps as you would for adding any other classic property: click the + button to the right of your last property, or go to Settings → Properties → Add a new property.

You can also activate “Auto-update on page edits” which will trigger the AI each time you modify the database item.


2/ AI key info

This property will take all of your properties and add the information into a unique property. You can select which properties to be taken into account and the format of the output.


Pro tip: if your plan includes the AI add-on, you can also enable Update all pages which is a one-time manual update to all pages in the database. Super handy to update all items at once.

3/ Custom Autofill

This is my favorite AI feature among the three. It allows you to request any additional information based on existing properties. Using our previous example, I can request the height and weight of the tennis players, or any other publicly available information.


In conclusion, there are many possibilities with these new properties. My guess is that this is just the beginning and we will see more and more AI integration into Notion. This integration will likely allow for better automation directly within Notion.

2 Resources

1/ Automated Job Board & Careers Page


If you’re a startup/smb owner, you’re gonna love this blog post. If you have a tight HR budget, know that you can build an automated job board + careers page using Notion & Tally. I wrote every steps you must take in great deatils, from building the careers page on Notion, sharing it as a web page, building the backend database & linking everything together with a form. It’s quite easy to set up, but if you want to get started right now, you can also download my Startup Job Board template.

Access the tutorial here

2/ Notionapps

Notionapps cover.webp

Have you ever wondered if it's possible to create mobile apps from Notion databases? Well, it is possible with Notionapps. This no-code, freemium tool allows you to share an app with customers, partners, or teams who are not on Notion but still need access to your content.

For example, imagine you own a gym. You could share an app that displays the schedule, instructors, and memberships with your customers. It's simple, elegant, and cost-effective. You can even check out an example gym app here. It’s awesome if you already run your business on Notion, and it can work with any use-case you might have.

Try Notionapps

1 Tweek: Tweet of the Week

And that's a wrap for the first edition written in France. See you next week!

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