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May 15, 2023

We want to UP our Notion game.

"We want to become project and task management machines, without having to update our processes every month." This is one of the most frequent requests I receive as a Notion Certified Consultant. Fortunately, I have a well-defined framework for achieving this, so implementing it is a breeze.

The workspace saved them countless hours.

In less time that it takes to receive an Amazon prime purchase, they got:

  • A complete project & task management system
  • Personal dashboards for each member of the workspace
  • Customized databases for clients, meetings, notes, documents & more.

A testimonial is worth a thousand words

Top dev, good communication et reactivity: Communication with Rames is very easy, from functional scope, development tests and final setup regarding users' feedback. He came up with suggestions and gave advice to make best use of Notion features.
He is a top Notion expert to work with.

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Monkey-minded, I like to build stuff that inspires me.

Living remotely, currently open for collabs.

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