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Complete workspace to help Jorge manage all his work in one single place


Jorge [Independent Journalist]


Workspace Build


January 6, 2023

I'd like to use Notion to keep track of everything and organize my information in one place

Yes Jorge, you knocked on the right door.

Jorge was managing all his projects, documents, meetings notes, etc. in... Word documents. So when it comes to retrieving information, let's say it can quickly become a bit messy. The aim of our collaboration was to transfer his entire workflow into Notion, so that everything could stay organized & stored in the same location.

And the outcome was EPIC

We build a supersonic system that answered all of Jorge's pain points: from managing projects & clients to keeping track of finances & goals, EVERY aspects of Jorge's consulting business were covered. The system was so good that we decided to make a generic template out of it, which you can find at this link.

A testimonial is worth a thousand words

Rames changed my professional life
I found Rames after researching a lot of Notion consultants online. I checked his templates, loved his style and shot him an email. He replied quickly and with the best disposition to connect with my needs and vision. I'm a consultant and wanted a customized Dashboard to manage all my clients. I was impressed when Rames sent me the dashboard. It's the best thing that has happened to me since the internet was launched. I use it daily, and it has given me back hours of my time to be more creative.

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Monkey-minded, I like to build stuff that inspires me.

Living remotely, currently open for collabs.

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