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Coaching: access, permissions & teamspaces.




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October 19, 2022

"We need help assessing employees permissions"

Equip facilitates access to sport through self service solutions - providing premium sports gear worldwide.

They booked coaching calls to properly set up access, permissions, and team spaces in their workspace. This allowed them to integrate their work effectively while receiving support from a Notion Certified Consultant.

Meeting Recap (so that you can also take advantage of it)


Discussion about access rights to limit read/write permissions for different employees in a "hybrid" way on the same database, based on the creation of templates. I will explain it to you.

Depending on the time and responses, we can also do a quick review of team workspaces so that you can explain the principle behind it and how to "use it well".

Read/Write Permissions


“Can edit content” (databases only)

✅ creating and deleting database entries (pages)

✅ using existing database templates

✅ editing database properties in a given row

❌ changing a database name, description, or icon

❌ adding or removing a property, or changing a property's type

❌ creating or changing views, including modifying sorts, filters, or groups

❌ sharing with others

“Can edit”

✅ all of the above

✅ changing a database name, description, or icon

✅ adding or removing a property, or changing a property's type

✅ creating or changing views, including modifying sorts, filters, or groups

❌ sharing with others

“Full access”

✅ all of the above

✅ sharing with others

💡 It’s best for top-level database administrators to get “Full access”, and making it known to your team who these people are. For anyone else, a “Can edit content” role should suffice.

Linked databases

Users with “Can edit content” can’t create/modify the original database views.But they can create new views if they create linked databases.

On their linked databases, they can also add filters & sorting.

💡 They can also dynamically filter on @me to see only their assigned tasks.

If you give access (whatever the access type) to someone to a page where there’s a linked database, if they are not invited to the original database, they won’t see the linked database.

Database Lock

Anyone with a “Full access” or “Can edit” permission can lock a database (not “Can edit content”) This can prevent others to modify the structure of the database (views, filters, arrangement, etc.)



  • Open: Anyone can join and view the content inside this teamspace.
  • Closed: Everyone can see that this teamspace exists, but can’t join unless they’re invited by an owner or member.
  • Private (Enterprise Plan only): Only members or owners of this teamspace can invite other people, and it won’t be visible to people who are not added.

Turn an existing page into a teamspace

You can turn an existing page into a teamspace if:

  • You have Full access to the existing page in question.
  • The page is in a teamspace.
  • The page is not a database page or a subpage within a database.
  • You are a teamspace owner or workspace owner.

To turn an existing page into a teamspace:

  • Hover over the page name and click the ••• button.
  • Choose the Turn into teamspace option.

💡 3/4 teamspaces max is recommended.


  • Teamspace owners will have full access to all pages within the teamspace by default. They will also have access to teamspace settings.
  • Teamspace members will receive access to pages within the teamspace — the level of access will be determined by teamspace owners. They will not have access to teamspace settings.

More info on groups & members here: Grant the right level of access with teamspaces and groups

💡 Toggle on the Make default teamspace option if you’d like to add every member of your workspace as teamspace members, all at once.

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