Car dealer CRM + Document Filling Automation

In short

Building a complete CRM for an electric car dealer & automating the official documents filling processs.





Workspace Build


May 1, 2023

We want a Tesla-like software, at a fraction of the cost.

At first, I was scared when I heard that. But then I remembered, "Hey, it's Notion. With a pinch of magic, you can do anything you want." Although I had never worked with a car dealer before, I thought it was brilliant for them to update their old whiteboard client follow-up process with a shiny custom Notion CRM.

And we pulled it off! Take that, Elon.

During this 2-month project, we accomplished the following:

  • Built a comprehensive customer CRM system with a follow-up process
  • Divided the Notion workspace into teamspaces for each sites
  • Automated all official documents based on each customer's information and status
  • Managed all meetings, documents, executive-level pages, and more!

A testimonial is worth a thousand words

FR: Travail de qualité, à l'écoute des besoins et respect des délais.
EN: [Rames provided] quality work, [was] attentive to our needs and respect[ed] our deadlines.

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