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Workspace Audit to improve project & client management.


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July 10, 2022

We decided to make PM pleasant again

Aseda is a small emerging agency based in Lagos, Nigeria. They booked a Workspace Audit as they needed help with their current Notion setup.

The main challenge was to link all the databases together, in an efficient way, such that the team never had to duplicate information again. They also needed a better way to create, manage, and store meetings (internal & external). Finally, they needed a great structure that would allow them to access all of their information quickly & collaborate frictionlessly.

The results were rocket-ish

We worked hand-in-hand and delivered the system of their dreams.

A testimonial is worth a thousand words

We worked with rames to rebuild our project management dashboard. Rames helped up set up a customised workflow that literally feels like it was made for us. Rames was helpful and really great at problem solving things that came up during the project. He also was kind enough to do a call with the team walking them through how to use the new dashboard. Having the right database to build on is one of the best investments ever and I'm still amazed at how seamlessly everything is connected.

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