Unlimited Notion + Automations [Yearly]

Yearly subscription.
€ 35,940.00 EUR

Unlimited Notion + Automations [Yearly] is a yearly subscription for unlimited Notion services. Basically, it's the best of all words: your in-house Notion consultant, for a fixed fee. It also includes unlimited Automations.

So if you're looking for expertise, consistency, & simplicity, it may be time to make the switch.

Included in Unlimited Notion + Automations

  • Custom templates for specific needs
  • Automations
  • Workspace improvements
  • Permissions & Access management
  • On-going support on technical issues
  • Coaching
  • Documentation

You can see this subscription as an automation app: everything runs in the background without you noticing it, and it makes your entire company happier!

Save €12,000/year.

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