Plants Manager: take care of your beloved ones 🪴

Hello there, green thumbs! 🌿

Are you tired of not getting enough water?
Do you miss the warm sunlight on your leaves?
Do you worry about what will happen to you when you're gone?

Treat yourself by offering the Plants Manager template to your owner!

Get Plants Manager 🪴


👨‍👩‍👦‍👦 Manage your plants with several people.

💧 Never forget to water your plants again. Visualize at a glance the plants that need something, in the form of a list, a calendar, or a timeline. Configure the amount of water and how often you want to water each of your plants.

🧪 Never forget to add fertilizer to your plants again.

💦 Never forget again which plant you need to spray.

🖼️ Set up a photo album for each of your plants to track their growth over time.

💀 Remember your dead plants.

🏠️ Assign a room in your house to each plant, so you know which room is where which plant is in.

💯 Display a scoreboard so you can see your oldest, most expensive plants, those that need the least light or water.

📔 Keep a journal to keep track of the most important events. If you move a plant, make a note of it: if it doesn't look good afterward, you will remember it.

Give your greenies a treat 🌵

See ya'll next week, green little thumbs!

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