🔥 6 Notion templates to take care of your habits

Howdy, it's February 🤠

But it's never too late to start implementing good habits. And thank god, we have Notion.

So let me share 6 templates that will completely change (for good) the way you operate in your daily life.

Quantified Self OS

Keep track of time, habits & daily scoring in a sustainable way.
+ Google Calendar to Notion 2-way sync


Ultimate Workout Tracker

The Ultimate Workout Tracker is an easy-to-use Notion Template that makes tracking your workouts and data fast and simple.


Health Hub OS

The Health Hub OS will help you keep track of everything health-related digitally, with Notion.


Stoic Mornings

Stoic Mornings is a morning routine template made to bring more insight and clarity to your life by waking up like a Stoic.


Supreme Second Brain

In this Supreme Second Brain, you will find everything you need to have as a successful note-taker.


Notion Bookshelf

Track and manage all your books & readings right within Notion.

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That's it for today! But before you leave, please do me a favor: take care of yourself today 🤗

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