3-2-1: Notion Updates, Cron x Notion, & Most Upvoted Dashboards

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Summer is in full swing and I've been on the move, catching up with friends and family across France. Time seems to have flown by and I can hardly believe that it’s already been a month since I came back from Mauritius! While the constant travel can be exhausting, the freedom to explore and connect with loved ones has been an absolute blast 🙌

3 Tips Updates

1/ Timeline Dependencies

Dependencies in Notion are used to indicate that one task cannot be started until another task is completed. They can be used in the Timeline view to visualize the dependencies between tasks and ensure that the schedule is properly coordinated.

Notion just updated the way dependencies shift in the Timeline view. You now have 3 options:

  • Shift & maintain time between tasks: If task A is blocking task B and the due date of task A is shifted forward one week, the due date of B will also shift forward one week.
  • Shift only when dates overlap: Tasks will only be shifted when their dates start to overlap. The distance between tasks may still be decreased.
  • Do not automatically shift: Due dates are never automatically shifted.

The team also added a smart feature called "Avoid weekends," which is super useful for teams working on a Monday-to-Friday schedule.

2/ Start → End Date with shift

I've been dreaming of that update for years! I always hated having to click the "End date" button to add an end date to a date property. Those times are over now.

Before: select start date, click “End date”, select end date
Now: select start date, hold shift, select end date

3/ Sort “selects” alphabetically

Notion just dropped a minor update that's going to make your life a whole lot smoother. You can now sort your "select" and "multi-select" tags alphabetically (or reverse alphabetically). It might not sound like a big deal, but trust me, when you're dealing with a massive list of tags, this feature is a game-changer.

2 Resources

1/ Top 10 Most Upvoted Notion Dashboards on Reddit

Last week, I scoured the depths of the r/Notion subreddit and unearthed the top 10 most upvoted Notion student dashboards. While not always the most practical, these dashboards are a masterclass in design. If you're looking to level up your personal dashboard game, I highly recommend checking out this post.

Who knows? It might just inspire you to create something truly epic ✨

Read the post

2/ Cron x Notion integration

Notion's acquisition of Cron, the next-generation calendar, has resulted in some awesome developments. After a year of collaboration, they have released their first native integration: event attachments. This integration allows you to:

  • connect your Notion workspace to your Cron account
  • create new Notion pages, directly from Cron (ex: Meeting Notes)
  • add already existing Notion pages as Cron attachments (ex: Previous meeting recap)
  • setup page access & permissions directly from Cron (ex: John does not have access to a page that I shared in the event. I can give him "Can comment" permission directly from Cron.)

While Notion may not be building a Google calendar integration, the Cron x Notion integration offers more and more flexibility to its users, making it a cooler and more efficient tool for your team.

1 Tweek: Tweet of the Week

And that’s a wrap! You may have noticed some changes in the newsletter design: I've switched from Convertkit to Beehiiv. Everything should be properly set up, but please let me know if you notice anything unusual 😉

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