3-2-1: Notion Drops Bombs 💥, Notion AI 101, & Flowchart Generator

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Welcome to the first Moroccan issue of 3-2-1: Notion! 🇲🇦

We just arrived in Tamraght, 15 minutes north of Agadir. Our five-day trip was awesome. We rode the highways in our spaceship called Sergio, named after Gainsbourg because like him, he smokes a lot. We now know what a desert is, and I can assure you that you don't want to run out of gas out there.

Moroccans are super welcoming and friendly, we already feel at home! Shoutout to all the Moroccans reading this newsletter, you guys have a lovely country 👋

3 Tips

Notion dropped bombs last week. One big huge feature, and two awesome improvements. Let's dive in!

1/ Notion Database Automations

Notion Database Automation Example

Notion database automations have arrived! This is going to be a game-changer. To be honest, the feature needs a bit more development, especially in terms of granularity. But man, we're on the right track!

As of today, you can do the following when a page inside your database (or a specific view of your database) is edited or when a database property changes:

  • Add pages to a database
  • Edit pages in a database
  • Send a Slack notification to a specific channel
  • Edit properties inside your database

For example, let's say you have your CRM on Notion. You can set a database automation that says: "When lead x is moved to 'hot', add John to the assignee property & send a Slack notification to the 'sales' channel."

Next week, I'll be releasing a complete guide with concrete use cases. But if you want to get started on your own, just hit the "thunder" button at the top of your database.

Create and view automations button in Notion

2/ Freeze Columns 🥶

As they say: a tweet is worth a thousand words.

Click on the video to see the feature in action.

You can now freeze your columns on table view, just like you were used to doing on Excel/GSheet. This is an awesome addition that can make your life easier for databases with a ton of properties. To access this feature, click on your property and select “freeze up to column”.

3/ Wrap Gallery View

Wrap Gallery View in Notion GIF

Another super useful feature that was released last week is the ability to wrap properties in the Gallery view. Previously, when displaying long text or multiple tags, the elements were truncated. Now, you have the option to wrap all properties.

To access this feature, go to your database settings, select Layout, and then choose "Wrap all properties."

2 Resources

1/ Notion AI 101

Rames Quinerie Notion AI Ultimate Tutorial

If Notion AI is still a mystery, I've got you covered. Frankly, it might be the only AI tool I'm using (except for those I'm just testing). Why? Because all of my work happens inside Notion, so it's incredibly easy. I don't have to go to ChatGPT or any other tool; I simply press the space bar.

So, I just wrote a complete guide on how to use Notion AI. I go over the different features, AI blocks, how to save your favorite prompts, and last but not least, AI database properties.

If you're still struggling with Notion AI, or you're not sure if you're using it properly, you might want to check it out.

Notion AI 101

2/ Flowchart Generator

Notion VIP Flowchart Generator

William Nutt at Notion VIP has just released the Flowchart Generator.. Flowchart Generator is used in Notion to create custom flowcharts using the Mermaid syntax and display them in Code blocks. The generator includes a Flowcharts database where you can add items for each flowchart you create. You can add nodes, which represent steps in the flowchart, and customize their properties. You can also create styles, which allow for easy formatting of nodes. After creating all nodes and styles, you can copy the generated code and paste it into a Code block on your page.

Discover more on video here & download here.

1 Tweek: Tweet of the Week

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